Linn Engan Karlsen

Europe's Fastest Female TM Funny Car Driver


SUMMARY OF THE 2018 SEASON September 6, 2018 We started the season with test runs at Gardermoen Raceway in May. The car went steady in the 5.90s and thinks looked…

Hockenheim summary

Hockenheim Summary We started this weekend with a brand new camshaft that was very different from our old one. Because of this, we had some challenges with tuning the car…

On our way to Hockenheim

on our way to Hockenheim August 14, 2018 We’re on our way to Hockenheim to participate in the FIA European Championship, NitrOlympX  Follow us on facebook for updates during the race,…

Tierp internationals

Picture above by Tierp iDag We went to Tierp after a good test session at Gardermoen with 4 runs in the 5,9’s and we felt we had shaken the rust…