Tierp internationals

Picture above by Tierp iDag We went to Tierp after a good test session at Gardermoen with 4 runs in the 5,9’s and we felt we had shaken the rust and dust off the whole team. First run started with a wild burnout which threw out a pushrod. The run […]

Test weekend at Gardermoen Raceway

Finally, the racing season has started! We were very excited for our first runs at Gardermoen 19th – 21st of May. We got 5 decent runs this weekend and we are now ready for Tierp Internationals in June! We had live stream for the 4 last runs, and they can […]

We are ready for Spring Nat’s

The car is now ready and we are very excited for the season to start at Gardermoen Raceway next weekend! Hope to see you there!

Race Preparations

This easter (like every easter before) the team gathered to prepare the funny car for the new season.  We discussed what races we want to attend this season, and we came to the conclusion that we are aiming for the following races:   spring nat’s* 19. – 21. mai, gardermoen […]

Off Season Work

We are already preparing for the 2018 season! A weekend in october, the team got together at the farm to work on the car and find out what parts we need for the next season. The car is now picked apart, and every little detail is closely checked for damage. […]

NitrOlympX at Hockenheim

What a weekend and what an experience! We loved Hockenheim and all the crazy people there! We qualified as number 4, but we lost the first elimination round. We had tire shakes on every run, so in the ET and speed where not our best. But at least we had […]

Drag Challenge 2017

  Pictures from our show & test weekend at Gardermoen Raceway. We always have fun in the pit.   Our crew chief is getting his hands dirty (as normal).   Ready to race!   Here we are waiting for the start signal.  

Vi trenger støtte

Vi har også en del brukte råder. Det er ingen hemmelighet at vi trenger støtte for å kunne fortsette å kjøre EM-løp, og ved å kjøpe en råde kan du støtte oss. Du velger selv hva du du vil betale for den, men minsteprisen er 200 kr.   Vi har […]

Tierp Internationals

Tierp Internationals 2017. Et eventyr og en berg-og-dalbane. Vi hadde en tung start med en dekkeksplosjon på traileren på vei til Tierp. Deretter hadde vi problemer med å komme gjennom teknisk, og en liten periode så det ganske mørkt ut med tanke på å få kjøre i det hele tatt. Den […]