Tierp internationals

Picture above by Tierp iDag

We went to Tierp after a good test session at Gardermoen with 4 runs in the 5,9’s and we felt we had shaken the rust and dust off the whole team.
First run started with a wild burnout which threw out a pushrod. The run was nothing to write home about.
The second run: 5,81 and 399,7 km/h – new personal best! 
Saturday’s first run was a 5,82, and 5,89 in Q4.
The driver was a little hot in the last qualifier run and left before the tree started. This was of course our best run of the weekend (:
Elimination against Jonny Lagg which we lost with 3/100 of a second. Congratulations to Jonny. We had a big sceduled service during the weekend, and ended up working until 4 am Saturday morning. Thanks for good help from Svein Olav Solli, Bigga and Ingebjørg Klingsheim, Rune Bakke for borrowing us his fast driver suit, and of course the whole dreamteam!

Picture by Tierp iDag

Picture by Tierp iDag