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Karlsen Motorsport

Linn Engan Fløysvik

A Norwegian Dragracing team competing in the FIA European Dragracing Championship.

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Welcome to Karlsenmotorsport.no

Karlsen Motorsport is a Norwegian Dragracing team competing in the European Dragracing Championship in a class called Top Methanol (same as Top Alcohol in the US). The class was originally divided by vehicle types into Top Methanol Funny Car (TMFC) and Top Methanol Dragster but these are now combined due to the small amount of cars competing.

Our driver, Linn, is currently ranked as the 5th fastest TMFC driver in Europe throughout the ages and the fastest female. We’re aiming for the European record that at the time of writing is 5.42 sec.

This webite is created and updated by our driver, Linn Engan Fløysvik. She will try to update regulary, but for the latest news, please visit our facebook page