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Revving Up Support for European Drag Racing

Today, I want to share some important «news» and ask for your support in a crucial time for my racing career and the sport I love.

Our journey and current challenges

Winning the European championship has been a dream come true, and drag racing has been my passion and life. However, despite this achievement, financial difficulties have put me in a challenging position. During the last race of the season, we suffered a major setback with an engine failure, which has made it impossible for me to defend my title this year.

After countless hours of hard work, dedication, and unforgettable memories on the track, we are faced with the heartbreaking decision to sell the race car and trailer. As the situation is now, I can’t afford to keep the race car. I’m secretly hoping for some miracle to happen so we can keep it, since we are pretty sure we haven’t reached the potential of the car yet.

How can drag racing in Europe get more attention and make it easier to attract sponsors?

Now, I need your help. How can we get more attention for drag racing in Europe to attract more sponsors? This isn’t just about me—it’s about the future of the sport. In som of the higher classes, we’re seeing fewer cars on the field, and it’s becoming a significant issue.

I believe in the future of drag racing in Europe, and with your support, we can make it thrive. Here are some ideas to consider:

Share the excitement

Share videos and stories of drag racing to show how thrilling the sport is.

Engage on social media

Use hashtags, comment, like, and share posts about drag racing to increase its visibility.

Attend events

Attend drag racing events and bring friends along to increase attendance and show support for the sport.

Join the Conversation

I’ve also made a video where I discuss these points and asking for ideas. You can watch it here. Please take a moment to watch, comment your suggestions, and share it with your network. Your support can make a significant difference.

Let’s come together to keep the spirit of drag racing alive in Europe. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for this incredible sport.

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