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Maintaining championship lead after Tierp Internationals

The second race of the European Drag Racing Championship at Tierp Internationals proved to be a mix of ups and downs for our team. Unfortunately, weather conditions led to the cancellation of the event on Sunday.

In the qualification rounds, we performed OK and secured a respectable 3rd position with 5.64 seconds. 

However, the true test awaited us in the elimination rounds.

With determination and a drive to succeed, we emerged victorious in the first elimination round against Tony Bryntesson. Despite facing persistent ignition problems throughout the weekend, our team endured and diligently worked on finding a setup that could potentially propel our car to even greater speeds.

Just as we were prepared to showcase our newfound setup in the semi-finals, disappointment struck as the race was called off due to unfavorable weather conditions. It was disheartening to see our efforts and preparations cut short, especially when we were eager to unleash the full potential of our car.

Nevertheless, amidst the disappointment, there is a silver lining. Our consistent performance throughout the race weekend has allowed us to maintain our lead in the championship points standings. This accomplishment not only demonstrates our team’s overall prowess but also positions us as a force to be reckoned with in the ongoing European Drag Racing Championship.

As we reflect on the challenges faced during the second race, we remain optimistic and determined to build upon our successes. The setback encountered at Tierp Internationals will serve as a motivation to overcome future obstacles and further fine-tune our car’s performance. With the championship within our grasp, we are eager to regroup and continue our pursuit of victory in the upcoming races.

Despite the unfortunate end to the weekend, our team’s resilience, competitive spirit, and leading position in the championship fuel our ambition to push boundaries and set new records. The European Drag Racing Championship is far from over, and we are ready to unleash our full potential on the track!

Photo by Fredrik Värnebjörk Tierp Arena

– Linn

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