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Linn Fløysvik

Heavy rain and damaged engine at Drag Challenge

Last weekend, our team eagerly headed to Gardermoen raceway for Drag Challenge, the largest race in Norway. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different plans for us as Saturday’s event was washed out due to heavy rain. However, we remained undeterred and determined to make the most of the event on Sunday.

Knowing the track could be tricky, we made the wise choice of opting for a soft setup on our car. As we hit the track, the clock stopped at 5.91 seconds. It seemed like a smooth and successful run, leaving us with a sense of accomplishment.

Yet, our joy quickly turned to concern when we opened the engine after the run. Our hearts sank as we discovered a broken valve lifter, a snapped valve string, and parts of it bouncing around within the engine. This unexpected and unfortunate turn of events had severely damaged the camshaft, all the rods, and even punched a hole in the oil pan.

With the next round of the European championship just around the corner, we had little time to dwell on the setback. Our team immediately rallied together and put in tremendous effort to swap the damaged engine with our trusty spare, ensuring we would be ready for the upcoming race.

After a physically and mentally demanding weekend, we returned home to recuperate and started preparing for the next thrilling challenge. We are now gearing up to head to Tierp Arena in Sweden this Wednesday, eager to maintain the lead in the European Championship.

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who came by our pit and said hello this weekend.  Your encouragement fuels our determination and motivates us to strive for excellence on the track. Despite the hurdles, we remain optimistic and confident that our hard work and perseverance will pay off in the upcoming race.

Stay tuned as we embark on another adrenaline-fueled journey at Tierp Arena. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest updates during the upcoming races. 

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